Viscountess Isabella Bexley

The Good, Alder Isabella Bexley, Viscountess of Blackmoor Gate, Archon, Advocate, and Interpretor

Standing at 5’4, with green eyes, and short brunette hair; often tied up at the back, in a traditional Regency style. Often fronting a cold demeanor, Isabella does not take an overtl place in Invictus politics, preferring to rule her own territory, and advise the Prince.

Isabella is the head of the Bexley family, direct decedents of Lannosea; one of the original five Kindred families of Peridus. She has a single Childe Arthur ‘George’ Bexley.
Recently Isabella was given the role of Hound within Prince Westfields’s Court, and is the Ventrue representative on the Fief’s Elder Council.


Arthur ‘George’ Bexley is Isabella’s Childe, their impression is good, but their relationship can be erratic at times.

Anna Marcella Barnham Has met Isabella, but they have not spoken at length, their impression is average.

Charles Christopher Courtney Has met Isabella in passing, but they have not spoken enough to have a rapport.

Viscountess Isabella Bexley

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