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  • Kindred

    [[Clan Daeva]]
    [[Clan Gangrel]]
    [[Clan Mekhet]]
    [[Clan Nosferatu]]
    [[Clan Ventrue]]

  • Clan Daeva

    [[Layla Goddard]] The Carthian Movement, Harpy
    [[High Priestess Aubrey]] Circle of the Crone Primogen
    [[ Countess Jane Westfield]] Prince of Peridus, Primogen of the Invictus, and member of the Elder Council
    [[Madam Charlotte …

  • Clan Mekhet

    [[Agent Harry]] The Carthian Movement
    [[Lady Mary Poole]] The Invictus
    [[Henry Jones]] Primogen of the Ordo Dracul, member of the Elder Council
    [[Roza]] The Carthian Movement
    [[Old Jeremy]] Unaligned, ex-Sheriff
    [[ …

  • Clan Nosferatu

    [[:mr-xxxxx-xxxx-xxx|Flannan Kelly]]
    [[Lord Hamilton]] The Invictus
    [[Bishop-Frederick]] Primogen of the Lancea et Sanctum, member of the Elder Council
    [[Brother Vito]] Lancea et Sanctum *Met Final Death by blunt force trauma after falling …

  • Clan Ventrue

    [[Barron Archibald]] The Invictus
    [[:patrick-cattedown|Patrick Cattedown]] The Invictus
    [[Viscountess Isabella Bexley]] The Invictus, member of the Elder Council, and Hound of Peridus
    [[:arthur-g-bexley|Arthur G Bexley]] The …

  • Mistress Charlotte

    h3. Mistress Charlotte Murphy Standing at 5'6 Charlotte has red hair, and usually wears it down, she has brown eyes, a lightly freckled features. Freshly embraced, she is impulsive and flighty, and yet to come to terms with her new "life". [[ …

  • Sybil Courtney

    [[File:523998 | class=media-item-align-none | Sybil_Courtney.jpg]] h3. Sybil Courtney Sworn of the Dying Light p. Sybil is Charles' long suffering wife, she stands at 5'5, her hair is going grey, and her blue eyes are starting to lose their shine. …

  • Barron Archibald

    h3. Alder Archibald, Barron, Commissioner and Groom. p. Standing at 5'7 Archibald is an older man with grey hair, wrinkles, and small brown eyes. He is rarely seen in public, and always looks outdated when spotted. He has forced his Childe to help his …

  • Maureen the Preacher

    [[File:540330 | class=media-item-align-none | 250x250px | Maureen_the_Preacher.jpg]] Maureen is one of the few Daeva within the Lance et Sanctum, she brings charm, grace, and a political edge to the church eternal's actions within the Fief. …

  • Marcel Fion

    A respected member of the Lancia Sanctum from Toulouse; sired in 1786 who then migrated over to England in 1945 with English Lance ex-soldiers. An expert in animalism and conversing with creatures, Marcel is first seen by Arthur in "Break It Up!", when he …

  • Valeria AĆ­rste

    Valeria is a Barcelona-born Lance sired in 1690, who rocketed in reputation in the Spanish Lance circles for her tenacity and ability to adapt to updates in technology and society. After the episodes of General Franko and the Second World War during which …