Arthur 'George' Bexley

Over-serious, sinful, and addicted to the nightlife


Title Mister Arthur Bexley, Lord, Notary and Speaker

The Basics
Date of Birth 10th December 1919
Date of Death 30th December 1940
Actual Age Thirty One
Apparent Age Early Twenties

Character Info A local businessman who caught a monsters eye and accepted her offer of eternity.
Over recent months Arthur has seized his chance; knowing that Isabella would be intent on seeing her new Childe Anna Marcella Barnham learn how to be a good Ventrue, he has begun to strike out on his own. He is bringing together a Coterie, and has sourced a headquarters for his yet to be united group. He has also begun taking on some more serious jobs within the Invictus, and has started tightening his grip on on his territory.
His close friends may be aware of the effects this is having on the young Kindred, beyond being more busy, his demeanor has undergone some changes. Whilst he may be accused of being kinder than ever before, his temper seems to be flare more easily, and some of his actions could be considered cold and calculated. How he is really feeling, is of course locked away; image is everything after all.

Arthur's Important Statistics

HP 10
Vitae 11
Conditions  Amnesia (Persistent)  Addicted; Vitae (persistent)
Mask Competitive
Dirge Deviant
Humanity 6
Willpower 5


Sword Cane – elegant and slender, a gift from his Sire

Flick Knife- Last seen stuck in a table at the Paradise Tables



What you see Shortish and smart looking fair hair, well looked after, and carefully groomed. Arthur has boyish good looks, high cheekbones, and flawless skin. Both his nose and jawline are strong if not slightly narrow, and frame his natural smirk wonderfully. Arthur has striking bright green eyes, he inherited these from his Sire. In fact she was the last person to see his eyes natural colour. Arthur stands at six foot exactly, and has a lean somewhat athletic build, honed by a non stop life, and years of swordsmanship. Although he is no Daeva, Arthur does use his good looks to his advantage, and is never shy of putting them to good use.

What you can't see Arthur does have some imperfections; he nurses some pre-Embrace scars. Upon his upper right shoulder lies a number of healed and scarred puncture wounds, from when he was savaged by a Daeva whilst helping his then Regnant.

What he wears He dresses for occasions and always makes sure to dress well, he always wears something with the Ventrue clan colour purple, and always dresses formally in the presence of an Elder. His standard clothing choice is a white shirt, expensive pair of trousers, braces, and suit jacket. When not having to worry about how he is dressed, Arthur like to throw on his old leather Jacket and something a bit more hard wearing that a suit.

Early Backstory

Born in 1919, Arthur lived on his parents farm as a child, and did well academically in school. At the age of 14 he was forced to drop out of education due to the financial strain it put on his family, and so that his younger sister could have better opportunities in life. Arthur went to work at an inner city law firm until his parents deaths in early 1938, instead of moving back on to the family farm like he was expected, Arthur took a loan from a crime syndicate, and purchased his first business. The newly named Georges Imports & Exports, did extremely well, and allowed Arthur to put his sister through boarding school, and University, and for him to live the high life. This continued until the September of 1939; not only was he due to be enlisted, but had caught the attention of his Sire to be; Isabella.
On the night of September the 13th Arthur was Ghouled, and he vanished from mortal life, dedicating himself to his new role. Arthur's time as a Ghoul was largely kept private from the Fief, he would be seen with Isabella at courts, and on rare occasions helped with Invictus business.
Arthur was Embraced on New Years Eve 1940, and from then until his Manumission was trained how to be the "perfect" Ventrue. Arthur became Isabella's protégé, she trained him how to be the best he could be, and she expected a huge amount from him, but surely, he became the Ventrue she had dreamt he would become. His own Requiem leading up to the present day has been a chaotic one, with the lack of stability in the Fief he had to circumnavigate more threats that he would wish to count, but did not stop him. He joined the Invictus, became a Speaker and Notary, survived being sent to Europe to fight beside the embattled Kindred that lived there, and on his return gained his own walled Haven as a gift from his Sire. He then went on to claim the tile of Lord, found himself three Kine that he employed and then Ghouled, and purchased his favourite club. Now he finds that his Requiem has found a level of stability, most would be content ,but not Arthur, not the Childe of Isabella Bexley, he looks out towards the city, towards the mess his Fief is in, and he sees opportunity.


* Arthur has ceded his territory to Viscountess Isabella Bexley, what could that mean?
* Arthur has been keeping his head down, trying to keep his name off of the Harpy’s lips.
* Arthur left his Haven two weeks ago and his Ghouls have not seen him since.

Arthur 'George' Bexley

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