Rosie Wickens

Rosie is a local to Peridus, and has worked in the hospital as a nurse for as long as she can remember. All she ever wanted to do was help people, and this found her romantically involved with Flannán Kelly, after he constantly needed her help for suspicious injuries.

It did not take long for Rosie to see Flannan’s true colours though, as he coldly cut a date short to go and spend time with another woman. Shortly after, she lost her job, and seems to have vanished from Peridus.

Flannán Kelly was her lover for a short while, but after his actions, she clearly does not want him near her.

Patrick Cattedown and Anna Marcella Barnham both met Rosie on the night of the Circle of the Crone meeting, however Arthur G Bexley used Dominate to change her memories of the night, removing them from her memory.

After losing her job at the hospital, and after seemingly vanishing, Rosie turned up as a member of staff at The Fallen Prince in Rough Town. She has no recollection as to whom the kindred are, that approach to talk to her. She seems to show recollection to Flánnan Kelly, who is prisoner in the basement, but then all of a sudden there is 3 of her, and another (a man) knows that answer to the question that Mr Kelly gives out, even though he says that ‘only the real Rosie would know’.

After the situation with the two sets of kindred antagonists, during the combat and in the aftermath, Rosie is nowhere to be seen.

Rosie Wickens

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