Mistress Charlotte

Mistress Charlotte Murphy

Standing at 5’6 Charlotte has red hair, and usually wears it down, she has brown eyes, a lightly freckled features.

Freshly embraced, she is impulsive and flighty, and yet to come to terms with her new “life”.


  • Patrick Cattedown has met her, their impression is average, but has a -1 due to a failed persuasion attempt. His current Goal is to get her to go to a Carthian meeting, she has two Doors, at the moment.
  • Charles Christopher Courtney has met her, their impression is average.
  • Arthur G Bexley has met her, their impression is average. Charlotte has developed a crush of sorts on Arthur.
  • Anna Marcella Barnham and Charlotte don’t get on for a multitude of reasons. Her impression is average, but a better way to describe it would be antagonistic.

Mistress Charlotte

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