Marjory Saxton

Standing at 5’6, Marjory is the tallest, and physically the youngest of Arthur’s Ghouls. Her voice hints at a aristocratic background, and she has a penchant for things being just right, sometimes obsessively so. She has short and practical black hair, and light green eyes, and never seems over serious on the outside.
Marjory is the most physically capable of Arthur’s Ghoul’s and runs the security of the estate, she is also her Master’s sparring partner, and he has yet to win against her.


Anna Marcella Barnham has found herself spending plenty of time around Marjory, and the two of them get on well. Her Impression is Good.

Patrick Cattedown knows who she is, and has watched her from afar, but they have not spoken.

Arthur G Bexley is Marjory’s Regnant of three years, his Impression is perfect.

Marjory Saxton

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