Earth Baines

Rido_Kuran.jpg Earth Baines has made recent trouble in Peridus. During a three week period at the end of March 1951, Baines was responsible for multiple disappearances, homicides and a mass embrace to form an army, and therefore waging kindred war on the Fifes in Devon, beginning with Peridus.

A mekhet, originally from the Fife of Plymouth, and a generally reclusive man, Baines kept himself to himself. The most striking feature about him, is the fact that he has different coloured eyes. He has had several names over the years, changing whenever he has been in a place for too long. His most recent job was at Derriford Hospital, in Plymouth where he worked in the morgue. The Prince and their council had placed him in that job, as he had previously proved useful and provided some delicate and hard to find services.

However, long nights spent alone with the dead ended up with some… complications. Baines was accused of necrophagia by families whose loved ones had seemingly lost some parts during the refrigeration and storage process, and by Kindred alike. Whilst Kindred may feed on the living, they do not approve of feeding on the dead, in any shape of form.

Brought to trial in front of a full court, he was branded a freak, a monstrosity and was due to be formally executed after being found guilty for many heinous crimes against Kindred and Kine alike. He managed to escape, though the it was never clear whether he had accomplices of did it single-handedly, but a blood hunt was begun straight away. However, crossing the border into another Fife meant that he had a certain amount of protection from that Fife’s royalty and Elder Council – hence, Peridus was the obvious choice.

Caring not for the people of Peridus, Baines set about planning a mass embrace from an abandoned tin mine and factory in Peridus Woods. Over the three weeks, Baines attacked 40 kine: 21 of which ended up as kindred, 7 wound up in the centre of Peridus as a puzzling crime to the police force, and the rest were brought back to the woods where they ultimately did not survive and were stored in the basement. He would have uses for them, sating his monstrous tastes. Two of these ended up rising as terrifying Revenants; one made it out alive.

Attending the opening night of The Fallen Prince, Baines brought his rabble with him. They arrived at the front door at around midnight: the witching hour. His cronies fill up the remaining spaces, causing raucousness and picking fights. Eventually, it explodes into full violence. And he begins commanding his troupe from atop the bar, sat on the torpid and staked body of the remaining Revenant with a smirk that said ’I’ve killed you once.’ Ultimately he stayed out of the fighting, but didn’t hesitate to diablerise two of his group, with everyone watching, in order to frighten them back into order. They haven’t been trained very well, and they tend to pick fights within their own ranks.

Laughing maniacally, Baines very much enjoys watching kindred verses kindred fighting. With Charles Christopher Courtney lying at his feet after a mishap with a blood whip from Arthur ‘George’ Bexley, he begins leaning down for the attack.

From behind, a gunshot, and ashes begin falling onto Charles like delicate flakes of snow. Baines is gone, shot by a hunter from a society based in London. Baines had drawn their attention, and so a contract was on his head. The fighting dies down after that with The Band of Broken Men running off into the night, streaming out of the double doors in droves, now leaderless.

Baines is presumed dead.

Earth Baines

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