Tag: Mortals


  • Kine

    [[:eugene-o-neill|Eugene O'Neill]]
    [[Daniel Barnham]]
    [[Thomas Burton Barnham]] (Deceased)
    [[Amanda Appleton]]
    [[Dianna Courtney]]
    [[Surly Sall]]
    [[Frances Aubrey]]
    [[Frank Aubrey]]
    [[Irving Aubrey]]
    [[ …

  • Surly Sall

    h3. Surly Sall the Secretary p. Sall is 5'2, middle aged, and smokes like a train, she runs the police stations front desk, and never seems to leave her seat. [[:eugene-o-neill | Eugene O'Neill]] Works with her, and his impression is average.

  • Sir Bennett

    [[File:524001 | class=media-item-align-none | Sir_Bennet.jpg]] h3. Sir Bennett p. Sir Bennett is Charles faithful steed and best friend, he is a thoroughbred stallion, and has been a Ghoul for some years.