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  • Clan Mekhet

    [[Agent Harry]] The Carthian Movement
    [[Lady Mary Poole]] The Invictus
    [[Henry Jones]] Primogen of the Ordo Dracul, member of the Elder Council
    [[Roza]] The Carthian Movement
    [[Old Jeremy]] Unaligned, ex-Sheriff
    [[ …

  • Meister Polly Harper

    h3. Meister Advocate Polly Harper. Polly is the Invictus spin doctor, she has contacts in every form of media, and has used this to become a key part of the Peridus Invictus. It is an Invictus rite of passage to owe Polly boons, and is just seen as a …

  • The Band of Broken Men

    h3. The Band of Broken Men: A collection of ramshackle men and women from Peridus, embraced in a three week period by [[ Earth Baines ]]. They were hiding out in an abandoned tin mine within Peridus Woods - until the hive was disturbed by another …

  • Earth Baines

    [[File:577752 | class=media-item-align-left | Rido_Kuran.jpg]] Earth Baines has made recent trouble in Peridus. During a three week period at the end of March 1951, Baines was responsible for multiple disappearances, homicides and a mass embrace to form …

  • Florence

    Florence is a mysterious figure in the Fief, despite the fact she tends the Elysium, nobody really knows her. What is known is that she is one of the most cosmopolitan members of the Circle of the Crone, and enjoys her role within the Fief . Florence …