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  • Kine

    [[:eugene-o-neill|Eugene O'Neill]]
    [[Daniel Barnham]]
    [[Thomas Burton Barnham]] (Deceased)
    [[Amanda Appleton]]
    [[Dianna Courtney]]
    [[Surly Sall]]
    [[Frances Aubrey]]
    [[Frank Aubrey]]
    [[Irving Aubrey]]
    [[ …

  • Ghouls

    [[Hugh Courtney]] Bound to Sybil Courtney (Gangrel)
    [[Sir Bennett]] Bound to Charles Courtney (Gangrel)
    [[Lavender Elslow]] Bound to Arthur Bexley (Ventrue)
    [[Karen Porter]] Bound to Arthur Bexley (Ventrue)
    [[Marjory Saxton]] …

  • Surly Sall

    h3. Surly Sall the Secretary p. Sall is 5'2, middle aged, and smokes like a train, she runs the police stations front desk, and never seems to leave her seat. [[:eugene-o-neill | Eugene O'Neill]] Works with her, and his impression is average.

  • Frances Aubrey

    _Frances is first met by Flannan, as one of the family who take Flannan in after being attacked by the ratman._ A woman of 41, gaunt, 5’ 9”. Her mother was a master of the looms, something which Frances maintains, albeit with an eye to the future. With …

  • Irving Aubrey

    _We first met Irving as a member of the family who called Flannan an ambulance after fighting off one of the ratmen._ A man of 44, the husband of Frances. 5’ 2”, Irving is heavily built top-down, and suffers from a number of conditions in his limbs …

  • Frank Aubrey

    _Frank appeared when he walked down from his bedroom and saw Flannan, drenched in blood, post ratman-attack. He hasn't quite understood what those giant scratches are, but it was enough to make him cry next time his father took him out for a woodland walk …

  • Amanda Appleton

    h4. Basic Information [[File:570883 | class=media-item-align-left | Amanda.jpg]] *Name* Amanda Jayne Appleton *Age* 39 *Date of Birth* 2nd April 1912 *Place of Birth* Birmingham, thus was evacuated with her mother and older brother as a young …

  • Daniel 'Dannie' Barnham

    h3. Basic Information [[File:570889 | class=media-item-align-left | Dannie.jpg]] *Age* 7 *Date of Birth* 15 November 1944 *Place of Birth* Peridus County General Lying-In Hospital *School* Peridus Private School for Boys First and only son of …

  • Thomas 'Tommie' Burton Barnham

    [[File:570905 | class=media-item-align-center | 320x560px | the_smiths.jpg]] *Name* Thomas Burton Barnham, but went by the name _Tommie_ to all, especially with his affiliation with the war. *Born* July 17th 1918 *Married* March 31st 1938 *Died* …

  • Rosie Wickens

    Rosie is a local to Peridus, and has worked in the hospital as a nurse for as long as she can remember. All she ever wanted to do was help people, and this found her romantically involved with [[:mr-xxxxx-xxxx-xxx | Flannán Kelly]], after he constantly …