Anna Marcella Barnham

One shot tonic water, top it up with gin. That's my drink of choice, and things might get crazy.


Some ‘crunch’

Birth date 30th September 1919
Age (at the commencing of the game) 31

Character Concept A single mother and war-widow, who wants to leave motherhood and married life behind her, and pursue a life in the up-and-coming jazz movement in the town. Luckily for her, The Hemlock Heights were looking for a pianist, and Anna passed her interview with flying colours, and therefore started immediately. Working so closely with the population of Peridus, and unable to keep her nose out of other people’s business, Anna finds herself quickly in trouble with the local Kindred population. She can’t leave well enough alone, eventually writing to her Father-in-Law at Somerset House, London, looking for birth, death and marriage certificates, trying to conclude a story that didn’t make sense to her. In a hole, she kept on digging until she has the deaths of many of The Ratmen hybrids on her hands, the destruction of a local eatery and drinking establishment… and being ghouled, first by Charles Christopher Courtney, with Arthur G Bexley sealing the deal.

Anna’s Important Statistics

HP 7 (at the end of game 10) 1 lethal, 3 bashing
Vitae 1
Conditions Addicted (Persistent)
Virtue Hopeful
Vice Corrupt
Integrity 7
Willpower 8


Saturday Night Special – small caliber revolver, 6 rounds, belonged to Anna’s husband.
WInchester Model 1897 – pump action shotgun, 5 rounds, given as a mystery gift with 180 shells. (Now 175)



Hips and Above Very dark brown hair, shoulder-length and a slight wave to it; often curled at the bottom and fringe (using curlers). Green-brown eyes with long brown eye lashes framing them. Relatively pale, but her cheeks have a rosy pinch to them. A deep rouge lip, often enhanced with red lip stain to really make a statement. Anna enjoys reframing her eyes with black winged liner and mascara.

Not very keen on the style of the ‘bullet’ bra, Anna keeps to a more plain ‘utility’ bra, putting her ‘make do and mend’ skills to the test and making her own from the lining of her wedding dress. It’s amazing the patterns you can find in magazines. Favouring the A-Line skirt, buttoned blouses, cocktail dresses and other such feminine attire, Anna always looks impeccably well dressed. Satchel bags, gloves, jewellery… she was well dressed, but never stood out.

Roughly a size 12, child-bearing hips, roughly hourglass shaped.

Below the belt Not particularly tall, around 5"4’ with dainty size 3 feet. Legs, shapely and looked rather good poking out the bottom of dresses and skirts.

Early Backstory

At age eighteen, Anna had found the One, and knew that she wanted to marry him. Her parents were not happy about this at all, and so cut her off. She moved away from her then estranged family. Then there were rumblings of war. They seemed far away at first, but when Anna’s husband was conscripted, they became all too real. The long nights alone, the blackouts, and the crashing and flashing of air raids. Anna felt alone. 1943, and he came home. He was home for a while. For… long enough. But he had to go away again, for the rescue mission to Dunkirk. He had to be away for four months before the mission was to be set in motion. In the first week he was gone, she knew. She wrote to him, to give him the news. She wanted to do it in person. She debated over the words night after night. When it was finally ready; she could rest the envelope on the small swelling in her belly. Weeks went by. The letter had been sent. It should have been delivered by now. She’d heard rumours that the landings had gone ahead. But she’d have felt something, right? She’d have felt it if he’d… passed on? She waited. She convinced herself that he was forming the letter now, a letter of joy, telling her that he can’t wait to be back home and raising a family and that the war would be over soon and that they could get on with their lives together. She went to sleep with a smile on her face that night, slept the best she had in a long time, and dreamt of the future.

It was the next morning, after she had got back from buying groceries, when she saw the cars. The official-looking ones. With the smartly dressed officers with the solemn faces.

Not wanting the words to be true, she left the telegram on the table, next to her unopened letter.

From then to the beginning

It was a struggle, to say the least. Anna brought up Daniel as a single mother, her husband’s money slowly dwindling to nothing. Anna was used to living however she wanted, paying her staff to do her bidding. But now that money had run out, they couldn’t leave fast enough… all but one. Amanda Appleton. She had been Anna’s friend through everything, thick and thin. And so she stayed. The front of the house looked lovely, the inside was barren and full of despair. And so they bumbled along, as happy as they could be, taking the stance that if Daniel was happy, they would be too.

From here on out

Everything was fading away to sadness when a glimmer of hope came, by chance, through Anna’s door on the day before Halloween. A job advert, looking for a musician.

This could be her way out.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


Love Interests Anna is willing to go all the way to find a means to an end of her always present ulterior motive. Has she got a love interest on the cards at the moment? Maybe…

  • To allow Amanda and Dannie to live a happy life without Anna’s influence; perhaps for them to forget she even exists…?
  • To progress as far as she can in the Kindred society with or without being embraced… though she wouldn’t necessarily mind.
  • To get over being a war-widow and to leave married life and parenthood behind. She wants to lead the life she could have if she didn’t fall pregnant at an early age…
    Hated Enemies Whilst Anna does not necessarily have any hated enemies, she says: ‘ Mistress Charlotte REALLY GETS UNDER MY FUCKING SKIN.’ She hates that bitch.

Anna Marcella Barnham

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