Nightfall Over Peridus

Game 9

In game date: 05/03/1951

Flannan and Anna’s Daytime Antics

Flannan wakes with a clear head, it is soothing after falling to sleep angry and upset. He picks himself up and dresses himself sharply as if it were a normal day. He searches through his remaining contacts and informs them of what has happened and makes clear he is out for blood. Maintaining his façade, Flannan goes to the community centres to check on the hustle and bustle. His workers at the community centre are cheerful, but when the kind souls start asking if there’d be money to invest in a little extra variety of food, Flannan makes clear that he will not be running money like a fountain. There is a worry at the back of his mind, given his financial set back, how much longer could he keep up the pretence. He returns home to change his suit before heading out to the Hemlocke Heights for his meeting with Ms I.

Anna wakes up with far less worries, it is good to finally be sleeping properly again. She goes to the kitchen for some breakfast and catches Karen and Marjory nattering away in there. They are excited about the Spa they’ll be going to but they do their best to make Anna’s evening at the club sound exciting. Karen comes through and bombards Anna with advice for keeping the club together this evening. She asks again and again if Anna can handle it, which comes across almost a little patronising but Lavender seems to also be worried about Arthur being in charge.

When the girls leave at midday, the house is deafly quiet. Arthur doesn’t so much as snore, but perhaps no vampire snores, so one could easily think they are completely alone. Anna takes the opportunity to take a sneaky look around the girls’ rooms. Karen’s room is large with almost all of the space taken up. It is a little messy and Anna follows the mess to an open cupboard door with a sleeve hanging out. In the bottom of the cupboard, she finds a decorative box filled with all kinds of odd bits and pieces but also some really lovely jewellery. The collection is quite impressive and Anna does wonder why Karen never wears any of her bling. Marjory’s room is almost the complete opposite: small but tidy to almost an obsessive level. Inside the draws are pleated and folded underwear and socks. Everything is neat! That bit of mischief inside of Anna cannot resist picking a pencil on Marjory’s desk and nudges it ever so slightly so that it no longer runs parallel with book beside it. Finally, Anna takes a peak into Lavender’s room, which is perhaps the most surprising of all. Tough talking, no nonsense Lavender has her room decorated in pink! Bright pink curtains and hot pink bed covers. Also a pink carpet and a pink chair at a (brown) mahogany desk. Lavender has lots of crafty things: pink stuff and pink glitter that all definitely looks as if it has been used recently. Anna takes a pinch of glitter away for herself, likely tempted to drop it in Marjory’s room but restrains herself and does not.

Conniving Clubbers

Arthur awoke upon at nightfall, eased by the prospect of a night in charge of the club. How fun to take an active lead in the business while Lavender is away. He polished his look and went downstairs. Anna was waiting for him; she was very happy to go to work as always. The two joked about running to club as a dynamic duo but they were interrupted by a knock at the door. They looked each other in the eye and Arthur finally realised that Anna was not going to open the door. He opened the door a crack and Charlotte stormed inside, bare faced, and turned straight to Arthur. He quickly gathered might and prepared for trouble but Charlotte interrupted him with kind words. Charlotte knew that the other ghouls were away for the evening and, saying Jane Westfield, suggested it, volunteered to help out at the club.

“That probably won’t be necessary” Anna interjected falsely. Charlotte looked straight at Anna; just as they were seemingly squaring up for a brawl, Charlotte relented and fiercely apologised to Anna. She proclaimed that Arthur is her friend and to show him respect is to show Anna respect. Anna was surprised but not entirely convinced by Charlotte’s script and continued to, quite callously, deter Charlotte from accompanying her and Arthur to the Hemlocke Heights. Regardless of it being so obvious she was unwanted, Charlotte insisted and the three of them left together. Anna, of course, was quick to bag the front seat.
Patrick wakes with Isabelle Bexley firm in his mind. Layla has picked her out as a target and he must pay his way. Besides a handful of his ghouls, no one is there when Patrick emerges from his room. He has a good place to start: Arthur Bexley is the childe of the one he seeks, so he follows his only lead.

The club was opened up and business very quickly began to boom. Anna took her place at the piano on stage, while Arthur and Charlotte made their homes behind the bar. Charlotte was a hard worker, serving the customers with complete curtsy, even complimenting Anna’s music. She pressed Arthur to hear what he thought of Anna and he agreed that, certainly, her music is exemplary. When Charlotte dug for more of his opinions, Arthur was restrained and only gave away professional opinions of Anna as a worker and a ghoul but not as a person. All the time that Anna was playing her melody, she kept a close eye on Charlotte, more sharply when she spoke to Arthur. Fluttering her eyelashes and approaching Arthur, Charlotte had her keeper cornered. She lent in with puckered lips but only kissed Arthur’s cheek when he swiftly turned his head to the side. Arthur scrambled back to the bar to serve a customer and shunned the grin on the pale face behind him. Keen eyed Anna saw the entire scene and the tempo of her tuned increased with her aggravation, she couldn’t wait to finish her set and go behind the bar herself.
Arthur was uncomfortable but was still relived knowing things could be much worse. His worrisome interests perk when he spies Charlotte dropping a slice of lime into a glass of frosty water and serving it to his old business partner Flannan Kelly. Charlotte gave Flannan a predator like grin as she took his money. The familiar Ms C seemed to mock Flannan but he had little reason to care for her. Flannan watched the door expectedly for Ms I’s arrival but upon her eventual arrival, she paid him little attention. Isabelle instead strode over to the side of the bar Arthur was occupying. This was a gruelling surprise, Arthur darted his eyes to Charlotte but her stare replied that she had no idea.

Guests of Honour

Isabelle beckons Arthur over to her and tells him he has to provide her a little favour. She has some important kindred coming to the club and she has granted them a place to speak in private. Arthur must make sure they are welcome. This is all very well and good, but Arthur still wonders why Isabelle had to make an appearance in person. She curls a conniving eye to Flannan Kelly before standing and welcoming Flannan, thanking him for coming and the two walk over to the furthest booth, Isabelle taking a drink to keep up a pretence.

Ms I and Flannan sit opposite each other and lean over the table as if two lions drooling over their prey. Ms I begins with small talk, asking Flannan how he is and where his little lady friend may be. Abrasive as ever, Flannan disregards the chatter, clarifying that Rosie would not and was never going to be attending this meeting. He wants to discuss the business at hand. Respectful of his valour, Isabelle presents a large black brief case and slams it down onto the table. She wants more shares of the land that Mr Kelly operates. At first Flannan is hesitant to even consider a deal but he remembers how his finances are running thin as of late. After persuasion and haggling, Flannan takes the money in exchange for giving Ms I and Ms J up to 49% of the shares. Isabelle has the power to get more but she is satisfied and produces a contract for the two of them to sign. She jokes over what a pleasure it was to do business with Flannan and comments that he must be very happy with all that money. Flannan misconstrues this and accuses her of trespassing on his property, but she plays dumb insolence. She enquires what he may be talking about and he out right reveals things have been taken from him and firmly exclaims that he will deal with the culprit harshly. Ms I pleas concern but seems to lack sincerity.

When Primogen Fredric and three other figures dressed in long white robes pass into the club, Arthur has a feeling his sire’s guests have arrived. Anna, having just finished her set, also recognises Fredric as she makes her way back to the bar. The Primogen comes to Arthur and mentions he has been promised a place to speak in private; the nature of their discussion may be inappropriate for Lance et Sanctum holy grounds. Arthur assures Fredric a place has been reserved for them. Fredric courteously goes on to introduce the other three kindred with him: Swordspine, Primogen of the Lance et Sanctum in the fief of Plymouth, a tall and wrinkled fellow; Dawn Benevolent of Torquay, a small quivering older looking woman and John, who maintained a displeased face and towering figure, was accompanied by seven stumbling ghouls that all seemed devoid of awareness. Arthur led them round the back and up the stairs to a space they would be able to speak. He leaves them to it but remains in earshot after closing the door. He can hear John shouting straight away and Bishop Swordspine and Fredric trying to calm him. From what Arthur can tell they are talking about a problem within their covenant until he makes out the word Procella.
Anna and Charlotte were left behind the bar as customers were flooding in. One man comes over to Charlotte but Anna steps in to take the man’s order, though Charlotte is able to prepare the man’s drink at a lightning speed. The two rivals were super-efficiently but Anna becomes increasingly frustrated at Charlotte who is able to use some crazy vampire powers to get ahead. Anna really wished she could test her own new power, perhaps even put Charlotte in her place but all she has is Resilience.

Arthur returns down stairs and goes to his sire’s side. She seems quite alarmed that he’d disturb her but he tells her the guests have been escorted to the conference room upstairs. Isabelle replies with little gratitude, telling Arthur that when she tells him to do something for her, she has no doubt that he will complete the task. There is no reason to come and tell her all about it expecting a medal. Flannan smirks at the little scene as Ms I turns back to him without another word to Arthur.

With an aching pride, Arthur takes his place, once again behind the bar but only in time to greet the elusive face of Patrick Cattedown, whom Arthur hadn’t seen for many months but has indeed been wondering about since the night the two Circle of the Crone Primogen’s met. Arthur gears himself to interrogate the man but is deterred by Charlotte whispering in his ear. She comments on funny old Patrick’s arrival is bringing up the kindred numbers and commends Arthur for how hard he is working. Arthur relaxes as her voice fades from his ear but is startled when Charlotte slaps her hand on to his bottom and briefly shakes a cheek as she clenches it like a vice. He only has half a second to compose himself before his reunion with Patrick. The Ventrue’s greet each other kindly and Patrick gives half a wave to Charlotte. Arthur takes a melodramatic tone, stating his concern after hearing about what happened at the Moorland Gardens and enquiring weather or not Patrick had received his letter. Patrick gives a vague explanation for his absence, something about ‘pottering about’, stutterers for a second and claims he has indeed read the letter. He apologises for being so late to reply and explains that’s why he came to the club: in hopes of finding Arthur. Arthur is sceptical however; after all Arthur isn’t usually at the Hemlocke Heights. Patrick then begins to grill Arthur over the nasty fall Arthur took last month. The club owner makes light of it, insulting the Carthian Movement and cursing them for what they did at the Ventrue clan meet. The two continue their suspicious back-and-forth until Isabelle comes to interrupt them. She asks Arthur how their ‘guests’ are doing and Arthur flitters upstairs to check on the Primogen’s. In the corner of his eye, he sees that Patrick and Isabelle are now speaking with one and other.

Patrick greets Isabelle respectfully and she reciprocates the good manner. Patrick is able to steer the conversation in his favour to begin with. He mentions the troubling times there covenant are facing and the two soon turn to Carthian bashing. He aims to learn of anything she has planned to combat the Movement but Isabelle only insults them and seems to disregard them as any kind of threat. Patrick tries to provoke worry by mentioning the attacks at the Ventrue and Gangrel clan meetings, though Isabelle says that measures are being taken. She tells Patrick the focus is not on weakening the Carthians but rather strengthening the Invictus. She darts her eyes back to Flannan, who is slowly making his way through another water and lime, and chuckles that the weak can easily be made into the Invictus’s greatest strength. Patrick takes note of her interest in the man huddled in the corner but swiftly changes the subject when he asks what is going on upstairs? Isabelle laughs and tells him more measures to get the upper hand on other covenants. The Lance et Sanctum are in turmoil, she rants, and I have more chance of hearing all about it if I maintain a friendship. Isabelle states that it would be better to appear the hero to such a naïve covenant and the more they owe the Invictus the better.

Arthur knocks to announce his presence but it’s unlikely it was heard above John’s shouting. Arthur barges in and is suddenly met with silence and the glare of all inside. He offers his services, can anything be done for the Primogens? Fredric politely insists they are fine but John shouts over him, condemning Arthur for his interruption. Arthur finds John to be cantankerous but stays respectful. He notices the ghouls swaying oddly in the corner and, with genuine concern, offers to provide for the ghouls in some way. John scorns at Arthur’s ignorance and expels him from the room. An insulted Arthur turns to leave and doesn’t even notice John chanting to his clenched fist up against his chest.

Arthur begrudgingly tells Isabelle that the guest are just fine, but this hardly seems to distract her from laughing with Patrick. The intensity between Anna and Charlotte is apparent but they are putting their contempt to good use. Charlotte’s face lights up when she sees he has returned to the bar and closes in on Arthur. Arthur finds himself backing away from her but she, like before, persists. She begins speaking about how much she is enjoying bar work. Charlotte says it is a more sensible and subtle way to satisfy her boredom. Finally, she playfully asks Arthur if he is enjoying having her there, to which he replies flippantly: “It’s not so bad”. All of a sudden, a huge swarm of beetles erupt from Arthur’s mouth. Charlotte is covered and she whales in disgust. Isabelle and Patrick are speechless to see Arthur gag and whine. He turns and stumbles to the back room without a word. Charlotte is left shivering and still until Anna ushers her to the back. Anna barely questions the scene for how funny a sight it was and takes great pleasure in telling Charlotte she will hold down the fort. Having finally gotten rid of the vixen, Anna sweeps aside the beetles that seem to die before long and begins to run the bar her way.
Worn down by the commotion and her competition with Charlotte, Anna pauses for a second to catch her breathe. She sees an older looking lady make her way in to the club and over to the bar where Anna was resting. Anna goes to provide a friendly reception but hesitates as she begins to recall the face approaching her.

A Frail Dragon’s Heart

Sybil Courtney was now starring Anna dead in the eye, mustering a scowl. She gives a quick wave to Patrick who is surprised yet happy to see her. Sybil asks Anna if she remembers her and gives little chance for a reply, while Anna registers the shock of the confrontation. “I remember you, Anna Barnham” she begins. She is tough and passive aggressive, Sybil tell Anna that she hasn’t seen her husband in quite a while and asks her how the man is doing. Anna is ridden with guilt and goes to tell Sybil that Charles is in fact not doing very well at all but Sybil falters and confesses that she realises Anna is not to blame. She begins to monologue about how angry she has been and then how sad she has become knowing that Charles hasn’t tried at all to see her. She only came in the club because she was passing and thought there was an off chance that Charles would be there. Anna pities the woman. She tries to explain that Charles is in a terrible state and hopeless without Sybil, but the woman remains skeptical, convinced that because she has not heard from Charles he is content.

“He prefers a younger woman” she growls in despair. Anna is quick to convince her otherwise, telling her that child hasn’t made contact for many weeks. Sybil jumps at the chance to catch her out, wanting to know how exactly she could know Charles is a wreck without seeing him for so long. Anna tells Sybil that Arthur told her and admits she has been feeding on the Ventrue’s vitea. Sybil is surprised but not at all put at ease. She requests to speak with Arthur and Anna graciously shows her through to him. Anna stays in earshot with the ajar.

Arthur is heaving over a sink when Sybil gets to him and she asks whatever is the matter. Picking the shell of a scarab from his teeth, Arthur tells her that he must have offended the Lance et Sanctum. She differs over him and tells Arthur the effects of the Liar’s Plague are extremely temporary and that he shouldn’t worry about a second wind. He’s glad to hear this and gives her a proper welcome, asking what he can do for her. She slumps, very obviously quite sad, and tells Arthur that she really doesn’t know why she is at the club. She describes the whole thing as grasping at straws but asks is him exactly when he saw Charles. Arthur explains it was on Valentine’s Day and tells her that Charles was in an incredibly sorry state. Sybil just replies that Valentine’s Day was certainly not easy for her either and doesn’t seem too sympathetic to Charles. She insists that if Charles really wanted her back, the man she knew what is sprang into action. Sybil laments her insecurities Arthur: her bloodline curse causes her to age continuously and this is quite disheartening when every other vampire and stay eternally youthful. Arthur consoles Sybil, Charles could spring into action to put an end to any other problem but her absence had simply been crippling in every way. It reaffirms the well she does continue to age, Charles ages as well and that can only reinforce the bundle that they both share. A glimmer of a smile spreads on the Sybil’s face to hear such a poetic and romantic rendition of her problems, but that glimmer of hope is crushed when Charlotte strides into the room. Charlotte cause out Arthur for being unfair, saying that he should tell the poor woman the truth; white lies would spare her no pain. She goes on to call Charles a lecherous old man with a heart as cold as the skin he’s wrapped up in. Nastily, she points out how damaged and crooked Sybil has become, saying there is no way that Charles could want or possibly be attracted to her. Charlotte says that she must give up on Charles. Offer is flabbergasted and angry to see Charlotte act so twisted and terribly towards kindred that have never done her any harm or said anything against her. Anna barges through the door to put a stop to Charlotte’s lies but the whole scene is interrupted by a clatter from upstairs.
Arthur grumbles about the Primogens being unable to conduct themselves with dignity and excuses himself from company to go and check on them upstairs. Sybil realises that the bishops are upstairs and follows, leaving Charlotte and Anna alone again. Anna questions why Charlotte has to be so nasty but the vampire only replies with a smug curl of the lip.
Arthur burst into the conference room to see Bishop Dawn lay on the floor with Bishop John standing over her. The others are behind John and trying to calm him but only seen to wind the man up more. Arthur makes it very clear that he will not have such a scene play out on his property and asks that John could calm himself. John doesn’t fact the opposite and orders of the ghouls into action. The seven zombie like foes all drift over to Arthur and begin swinging for him, the they deal minimal damage and have their effectiveness quashed by Resilience. Sybil emerges and though she can’t help but comment on the magnificence of the Gift of Lazarus, she shouts out at the Primogens condemning them all for their irresponsibility and what they have allowed to plague the fiefs. Swordspine, Fredrick and Dawn are disheveled by her comments but John is in enraged. He holds up a small crucifix and begins a prayer, ignoring everything else around him. Anna finally joins the fray to see Arthur and Sybil under attack, she acts instantly and produces a gun. Sybil cries and clenches her heart weakly. With a little other option, Anna relies on the Resilience she learnt from her two Regnants and shoots herself in the shoulder. She grit her teeth and worked away the pain until it was nothing, she had succeeded in gaining the rooms attention but the success was a dangerous one. The echo of the gunshot must’ve rang Dawn’s weary head and the Primogen broke out into a frenzy. The Bishop lunged forward, crashing through many of the zombies and towards Anna like a monster. Panicking, the young pianist fired a shot at her attacker. By impeccable and ridiculous chance the bullet broke through the cartilage of Dawn’s nose, worked its way through soft and squishy insights and straight out the other side to hit Jon in the leg. Dawn fell to the ground. Fredric goes to retain John but the insane Bishop raises hand on from it expands as long red dripping whip, which he casts back and so lashes down at Anna. He hits not only the ghoul but Arthur and many of his zombies as well. Sybil berates the man for being insane but he takes hold of her and Anna before fleeing downstairs. Sybil is only able to use her limited Dominate to free Anna and is carried down the stars, through the club and out the door, alarming both Patrick and Flannan.

An Eye for an Eye

Swordspine and Fredric both hurry out of the club without a word to the neonates, they pass Isabelle on the way downstairs. She is furious to see the state of things upstairs and goes to Dawn’s side. Isabelle examines the Torquey Primogen and ascertains that she’ll be okay but will remain in Torpor for many months. A wounded Anna is suffering and begs for Arthur’s help, he obliges and the bond is made final, though the sincerity of the moment has little time to be savored. Anna flees down the stairs and Isabelle yells at Arthur to “Sort this out!” and he zips down as well. Flannan just watches as Ms C, Anna and Patrick all run from the club with haste. Arthur emerges downstairs and orders that everyone leave, he shoos the band from the stage and ushers annoyed customers away from the bar. It’s quite a bother to empty the club, there doesn’t seem to be any easy way of doing it. Anna is pressed for time as well, she joined Patrick in his humbles little vehicle but it’s not exactly a super car. Annoyingly, an arrogant Charlotte is able to zoom on past with her Celerity but there is no telling what she plans to do when she catches up with John and Sybil.
Arthur has finally ridden the rabble from his business but finds himself in the irksome situation of having Flannan Kelly sat, cocksure, in the corner booth. Arthur is scaly, asking what Flannan things makes him so special that he just sit there. Flannan grimaces and returns with snarky remarks. He concludes that helping others does little to help him. Flippantly, Arthur remarks that that must be a cold realisation for the local philanthropist but Flannan sniggers and tells Arthur that any business can be used for personal gain. For a brief moment they connect until Flannan steadily stands and bids his farewells.

After watching the yapper disappear, Arthur was again overcome with urgency. He scurried upstairs and informed Isabelle that the club was empty and he would be following after John. Isabelle was rude, she berated Arthur for wasting her and his own time; she would have been able to figure that out. And so Arthur was in a foul mood as he strapped into his car. The crowd massed outside of the club seemed to signal the commotion had headed south and Arthur angrily put the accelerator to the floor. It wasn’t long after, while Patrick and Anna were trudging along, that Arthur was able to catch up with his allies just as both cars converged on a flattened path through the brush. Patrick jumps from the car and treks on through the wood, Arthur tales and Anna afterwards. Lagging behind the kindred, Anna spies out familiar territory and works out they are close to Charles’s cottage; she detours from the rescue mission. Anna runs round the cottage to find Charles talking down to his pocket while brushing Sir Bennet. He is dressed up properly and seems to have half a spring in his step. She calls to him to stir some action into him. He is surprised but is able to pick up on the state of her mood. She tells him he must get on the horse because he is needed. Obediently, Charles puts his hands down for Anna to step up on Sir Bennet though he asks what all the hullabaloo is. Anna balances herself and tells Charles that she knows she shouldn’t be there but he has to help because Sybil is in danger. Charles sits on his horse but is hesitant, is he the one Sybil wants to rescue her? He has little time to think before Anna kicks Sir Bennet’s flank and orders Charles onwards across the south Peridus plains.

Arthur and Patrick spy something horrific on the horizon. John has erected a wooden cross in the clearing and bound Sybil Courtney to it. Arthur extends a hand to a fearful and already beaten Charlottoe and drags her to her feet; thins are way more serious than her little games now. Patrick calls out the bishop for his perversion of holiness and John answers by springing Blood Scourge from his sleeve. He slashes at the two Ventrue, banishing them for their interference. The whip doesn’t quite reach Patrick, who is further back but Arthur takes a devastating blow. Clutching at a more sensible vitea management, Arthur doesn’t take the chance to absorb the attack with Resilience. Beaten and bruised, Arthur retaliates with a whack from a large stick that lay next to him. John takes minimal damage but is thrown of balance and the cross snaps the cross behind him. Sybil crashes to the ground, helpless as John raises up above her. He plucks the bottom of the crucifix from the ground and holds it skyward to ceremoniously destroy her.

Angrily echoing across the night sky, billows the remarkably serious “stay away from my wife”! Sir Bennett is roaring up on the hill, kicking his legs in the air as he neys, Anna is perched behind a seething Charles. He will Sir Bennett forward and and charges on it was the Bishop, enraged, screaming like a madman. The horse crashes into John and knocks him away from Sybil, but the heretic does not let up and whips back at Charles. Charles has knocked from the horse to the ground while Sir Bennet continues running with Anna taking the reign. Arthur defends Charles with his stick, he attempts to Dominate the bishop but cannot hope to catch I contact. John is able to avoid Arthur assaults and strike back at the neonates. Troloping back, Anna and Sir Bennet take back John’s attention as he narrowly avoids another collision with a horse. They build a great distance from him but his unnatural speed allows him to close in on the two ghouls. Recklessly, she’s rings from the steed, launching herself back at the Bishop and clings onto his back. He stumbles and grows more furious as Anna tugs on his hair. Patrick scrambles to untie Sybil from the cross and help her off the ground while Arthur and Charles rush to Anna’s aid.

John thrashes about, No longer the man of dignity but a fearsome monster, shaking away the insects that defy him. He is fighting a losing battle, suddenly he yelps and jumps. Anna releases the Bishop as he throws himself from side to side. Charles cheers and congratulates his road and friends: Mickey and Minnie, as they emerge from underneath Johns robes. He is embarrassed and psyches himself up to vanquish the neonates that dare attack him, but is almost intimidated to see five heroes and the equestrienne aid before him. The look in his eye takes the appearance of regret before he is consumed with light and his shape transfigures. He takes the stoney form of The Thinker and lays still. Fredric and Swordspine walk forward, patronizing John and making their disappointment clear. Charles stands at the side of a weary Sybil and Anna calms Sir Bennet, all while angrily watching the Primogens. Fredric thanks the group whole-heartedly, he apologies for what they’ve experienced and assures them they’ve earned much affinity with the Lance et Sanctum. The gangs’ cross expressions do not let up. Swordspine explains that his friend Fredric knew they could procure liquid gold from a holy house and that they’d always have been able to avert John’s rampage. They speak proudly of what they call the crowning achievement for the study of Theban Sorcery. Charles angrily reminds the tight lipped Primogens that his wife would be no more if the whole ugly business was left to them. That is when Arthur steps forward and comments how interesting it would be to access the wonders of Theban Sorcery. Under an Invictus’s politically powerful and cunning thumb, the Primogens eventually relent and promise that in return for not spreading rumors regarding these events, those who were harmed drastically could get a taste of the Lance et Sanctum secrets. With their immense strength, they drag away John of Exeter, insulted and grumpy.
Sybil bows to those who helped her tonight, reminding them that the sun will be up and attempt to take her leave. Not before Charles, comes forward and tells her that he is weak and he’ll never be strong without her, he vows that he’ll spend the rest of eternity making things right. She blushes and nods and finally leaves. Patrick announces that he also must depart and runs on after Sybil.

Charles turns to Anna and Arthur, who are horribly beaten and smiles. He holds Anna up and muses that he feels no blood sympathy. Arthur is awkward and tries to fathom a way to explain himself but is interrupted when Charles praises and thanks him. He clarifies that there is no way he can manage another ghoul and that Anna is better of adding to the Bexley brood. Arthur is relived and attempts to stay fair by offering his neglected filly: Patricia is Anna’s place. Charles likes the idea, but asks for Arthur to hold the gift back for a while, so that he can address his own family for now. He then tells Anna that Hugh had no just cause to confront her and confirms that he hopes to maintain friendship with her. Charles and Sir Bennet help to pair back to Arthur’s car, all of them content and valiantly chatting away about the night.

Sybil tells Patrick she has been very worried about him since his disappearance and that she was actually out looking for him tonight before going to the club. She firmly asks if he is safe and okay, to which he nods, putting her mind at ease. She bids him good night but passes a on a letter that came for him. Patrick must return home too, given the hour, he falls to sleep with a little light reading:
It’s Arthur. I need to speak with you. I know something happened the other night, but you don’t have to worry, I sorted it. That woman won’t be telling anyone anything.
I have not heard from you in months, and since what happened to me on that building, I find myself worrying more, and more.
What I mean to say is that it is dangerous these nights, and we have to look out for one another.

If nothing else it would be good to see you again, and I can at least tell you what happened to that woman at the hotel.

Your friend


Finally home, Arthur and Anna find that the trio of ghouls have waited up all night for them but are dressed very cozily in towel robes. Lavender and Karen quickly slink away, leaving Marjory to help Anna to bed. Arthur realises he’ll need time to recover from the brawl tonight and scrambles to prepare his loved ones for his slumber.



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